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When it comes to fast food, you know what you’re getting. It might not be fine dining and the service is not top quality, but that’s the deal when it comes to fast, cheap grub.

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Nevertheless, for some city dwellers, McDonald’s and Wetherspoons is about as top notch as it gets. And when their service dwindles or is a cut above the rest, they feel the only appropriate course of action is to leave a review.

Not that we’re complaining – the appraisals left by customers are pure comedy gold, which is why we’ve decided to put together some of our favourites from fast food hot spots in cities across the country.

Today our restaurant (used loosely) of choice is McDonald’s of Northfield, Birmingham. We’ve already set the standard pretty high by choosing a McDonald’s in Birmingham. Expect some quality analysis and completely justified statements…

Review 1

Massive beefs

Review 2

Quick clearing and cleaning

Review 3

Short and sweet

Review 4

Best Brum DriveThru.

Review 5

Not very clean and fresh

Review 6

Avoid with bargepole

Review 7

Music Nazi

Review 8

No stress

Review 15

What was he expecting?

Review 9

Can’t beat eating in North Filed

Review 10

No carrot sticks at Maccy’s!?

Review 11

Easily pleased

Review 12

That’s a lawsuit waiting to happen

Review 13


Review 14

Clear and direct

Simply stunning. A personal favourite was the man and his carrot sticks – who in their right mind is bothered about/ordering carrot sticks from McFuckingDonald’s? Nutter.

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