Vending Machines In Canada Are Now Selling Crack Pipes

A real gamechanger as far as vending machines go – Canada’s machines are now dispensing crack pipes instead of crisps and chocolates.

The vending machine game in Canada has just been completely turned on its head after a drug treatment centre – the Portland Hotel Society – installed vending machines throughout Vancouver dispensing brand new crack pipes for 25 cents each. The idea is that it will help curb the spread of diseases like HIV among drug users.

Surprisingly the machines have nothing to do with Rob Ford and have yet to even make it to Toronto, but if it takes off in Vancouver you can bet they’ll be seeing plenty more of them around Canada and possibly beyond.

Quite funny seeing vending machines dishing out crack pipes like they’re crisps or fruit pastilles, have to admit. And what about that price — 25 cents. An absolute steal!  That’s a bargain no matter which way you look at it.

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