Crack Heads And Local Community Team Up In Alabama To Hunt Down ‘Leprechaun’

Eyewitness Drawing

Just look at that eyewitness drawing…

A small town called ‘Mobile’ in Alabama ten years ago was caught in a frenzy that swept the entire community. The source of these chaotic scenes? Numerous reports filtered out from Mobile that a Leprechaun had been spotted running around the town. That’s right, a freaking Leprechaun.

The video below gives you a full insight. From excited crack heads to where the pot of gold could be buried, this is truly a fine piece of investigative journalism.

The highlights definitely had to be the eyewitness drawing of the Leprechaun, as well as the random militant guy who claimed he had a magic flute handed down through the generations by his Irish family. Mobile must certainly be a place to visit if you ever find yourself in Alabama. I’m not sure what’s more dumb; a Leprechaun hunt or putting fire ants down your pants.


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