How To Do The Perfect Poo

Perfect Poo

This video will probably be of use to a lot of you this morning, as no doubt you’ll all be busting a gut from the excess of shit you put in your body last night.

First of all, it’s one thing being a stock photo model, but it’s completely off the radar being a semi-attractive lady who has to pose trying to squeeze out a humongous rectum busting shit. Someone buy that woman a beer (and some wet wipes).

Now this video will probably be pretty useful to a lot of people today (It’s Saturday morning right now) as no doubt a lot of you went out and got completely shit faced last night on cheap booze, chemicals and maybe even ate a kebab on your way home. All of that stuff adds up to having a pretty bad case of the squits the next day. That is if you managed not to shit yourself during your black out drunkenness.

According to some (alleged) poo experts, the best way to drop a bomb is not to sit, but rather to squat. When you sit on the loo you squash your colon, which makes it harder for you to evacuate the troops. I guess that’s why they still have those stupid toilets that are at ground level in places like Venice. You would have thought that somewhere like Venice would have caught up with the times and installed some proper Johns seeing as it is 2012 and all. But maybe they know something we don’t. Maybe they too believe that squatting is the best way to pull into defecation station.

At the end of the video these poo experts try and sell you one of their stupid “Squatty Pottys“, which come on, what respectable person would 1. Buy a Squatty Potty or 2. Have a Squatty Potty in their bathroom. Great chat when you bring a bird back to your flat right? “What’s that?”, “OH that thing? That’s just my Squatty Potty, it helps you shit better”. Nice one.

Try it out with a home-made device like a bucket or something and let us know if dropping the kids off at the pool is any easier.

Happy shitting!

“Join us in the Squatty potty Revolution!” – No thanks.


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