A COVID Rule Breaker Was Found In The Boot Of Car 160 Miles From Home

What a moron.

It’s fair to say that everyone in this country isn’t exactly following the rules when it comes to Coronavirus right now – have you been outside lately? – but people like the guys in this article are really taking the piss and it doesn’t even make sense.

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North Yorkshire police have released footage of an incident from last Friday January 15th in Northallerton, where a car was pulled over by police after they realised that it didn’t have any MOT or tax. That’s stupid enough, but the situation got even more ridiculous when five people were discovered in the Audi and a sixth one was then found in the boot of the car as well.

Get a load of the footage:

Somehow the whole thing became even dumber after that when the police ran the identities of the six men and found that they were over 160 miles away from where they lived. None of them could explain what they were doing in that location and were all subsequently fined and sent packing after their vehicle was confiscated. One guy was also arrested for failing to appear in court after being accused of indecent exposure. There’s always one.

What a bunch of knobs hey? Like if you’re going to break lockdown then at least do something cool rather than drive to Northallerton of all places with one of your mates in the boot? Really have to question that guy’s motivations for doing anything if he was presumably cool to spend a couple of hours locked in the boot of a car (that sounds like it was stolen) to get wherever he and his mates were going in North Yorkshire. Serious bunch of mugs. What could possibly have been worth this trip?

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