Coventry Is The Number One Destination For Single People Looking For Love In The UK


If I was desperate for love there’s no way I would end up in fucking Coventry.

When you’re looking for love, there’s no telling what you might do to find the girl or guy of your dreams, but I’m not sure that anyone would be overly excited about the possibility of moving to Coventry in order to find them.

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Apparently though, this might be your best hope of finding love as it turns out that it’s the city in the UK with the highest percentage of singletons at 49%. They’re also said to have the highest concentrations of ‘forward’ daters in the country, with 71% of men keen to initiate conversation and 63% of women.

Basically, you’ve got a really good chance of pulling if you head to Coventry. Up for it?

Coventry High Street

Yeah, probably not right but I suppose that place has got to have something going for it. The next two English cities with the highest concentration of singletons are Sunderland and Hull, which really goes some way to illustrating the standard of people you could be hooking up with if you take the plunge.

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A spokesperson for dating app Badoo – the company that compiled these statistics – named Joelle Hadfield said the following:

It’s striking that some of the most densely populated cities in the UK have a lower concentration of singles.

The optimal place for dating success may not be big cities, as previously thought. We’re noticing that smaller cities pose a greater opportunity for singles to meet a potential partner.

It’s a huge misconception that big cities equals more fish in the sea. In reality, this isn’t always the case, and Badoo’s data shows that in fact the opposite is true.

Great. I expect Coventry’s population to grow exponentially in the coming months. Or maybe people will realise that the reason everyone in Coventry is single is because they’re all munters?

To be honest, it’s probably a better reason than the previous number one reason to go to Coventry. Who would honestly want to attend that?


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