Court Rules That Parents Are Not Allowed To Name Their Child Nutella


Crusty old judge trying to spoil their fun.

Two parents from Valenciennes in France were left crushed as a judge ruled that they would not be allowed to name their child Nutella. The court ruled that it could be ‘against the child’s interests’ to be named after the brand as it could lead to bullying and mockery.

The child was actually born on September 24th last year, but a registrar highlighted the child’s name to the town court, leading to this ruling. The court forced the baby to be renamed, although we don’t have the details of the child’s new name unfortunately. Probably for the best so nobody can bully him for almost being called Nutella.


In another area of France called Raismes though, a couple of other parents were also forced to change the name of their child as they wanted to call her her ‘fraise’ which translates as strawberry. Again the courts found that the name could lead to mockery and bullying and would ‘not be in the child’s best interests’ to be called that.

The couple were instead forced to change her name to Fraisine – which apparently was very popular in the 19th century in France. I’m sure that that name won’t make the child the target for bullying, and that no kids in the region will ever find out that she was supposed to be called strawberry at her birth either. Nope, never gonna happen and definitely never going to lead to more bullying, no way.

Are these names weirder then the top 10 weird baby names of all time though?


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