Couple Get BRUTAL Revenge On Food Thief Who Keeps Stealing From Their Fridge (NSFL)


This is actually absolutely fucking disgusting, so if you’ve got a weak stomach maybe stop reading now.

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It was posted to imgur by a user named ‘porialex’, who explained someone had been trolling his girlfriend by stealing food out of her dorm fridge, taking one bite out of it and then putting it back in. Savage behaviour to say the least.

The final straw came when a single bite was taken out of a block of cheese. Here’s how they decided to get revenge…

1. Buy Pizza


2. Cut Slices Open


3. Insert Dead Lizard In Slices


4. Microwave To Conceal Lizard


5. Make Sure It Looks Right


6. Place In Fridge And Wait


7. Stick This On Fridge After Food Thief Strikes


The couple confirmed that the thief did indeed eat one slice, while a second piece was found half-eaten with the lizard hanging out of it…

I love a good revenge story as much as the next person, but holy shit did these two take it to the extreme. Well actually to be fair I was expecting they were going to jizz in the pizza or something, so I guess a dead lizard isn’t that bad in comparison. Still, pretty fucking gross.

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