Father & Son Arrested For Stealing £26,000 Worth Of Chicken Wings And Selling Them On Road

Criminal masterminds.

A father and son have been arrested after allegedly stealing $41,000 (£26,550) worth of chicken wings from the restaurant where they worked.

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Paul Rojek, 56, and his son Joshua, 33, were working at the Twin Trees Too Restaurant in Syracuse, New York as chefs when they apparently put in an “excessive chicken wing orders” between the months of February and November.

It turns out they were stealing the extra chicken wings and selling them on the street to make extra cash.

Their bail has been set at £1,659.


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Now that’s what you call proper family bonding time. Spending quality time with your old man jacking chicken wings and selling them on road for a profit. That’s how you tighten your relationship with your dad. Not by getting bad grades in school and being roundhouse kicked in the face like this Romanian father & son.

The question is who the hell is buying chicken wings off some dodgy-looking father and son duo on the street? I love chicken wings as much as the next guy and will eat them pretty much anywhere, but I draw the line at buying them off some random dudes down some New York back street. No thanks.


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