Couple On Coach Trip Holiday Are Pissed About How Long They Spent On The Coach


What did they expect?

Sometimes, it really is worth looking at what exactly you’re getting yourself into before you sign yourself up for it. Then you might avoid embarrassing situations like the one detailed in this article.

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Sutton Coldfield couple Derek and Julia Limbert are currently annoyed that they paid £699 for a coach trip of the Scottish Highlands and Oban, Mull, Iona and Skye because they spent much of the trip on the coach. Hmmm – maybe the clue was in the name pal?

74-year-old Derek had this to say about it:


It was a disaster from start to finish.

We had paid for a tour of Scotland but what we got was a tour of the inside of a coach, our only visits were to go to the loo in service stations.

I would have seen more of the Scottish Highlands if I’d stayed at home and looked the places up on the internet.

When we made the booking we didn’t realise it would involve a tour of the Midlands, Yorkshire and Tyne and Wear as well too.

We were picked up at 6.20am on the first day. We then had to visit Lichfield, Burton upon Trent, Doncaster, Huddersfield, Durham and Newcastle picking up other passengers en route to our overnight stop.

The staff were also terrible and uninformed – the driver, told us that ferries to the island of Iona depart every 10 minutes – but this turned out not to be the case.

We nipped to the toilet but when we got back on the coach we missed it and were then told the ferries were in fact every hour, which meant it was too late for us to visit the island.

This was the main reason for choosing to go on this holiday in the first place.

Another day it took five hours winding through narrow roads and negotiating road works so by the time we got there we had about an hour before we had to set off back again.


Well yeah, sounds like you’ve had an absolute nightmare there Derek. To be honest I don’t really know what he expected – did he think he would get picked up from his house whereas all the other passengers had to travel to one meeting point or something? Or that he was the only person who was going to be on the holiday so they wouldn’t have to travel anywhere else on their way there?

It kind of sucks if the guy did get the timings of the ferry wrong sure, but again I don’t really think Derek can complain that the coach went through narrow roads and negotiating road works as surely they are extenuating circumstances they probably didn’t know about. In any case, it’s difficult to drive up there in the mountains anyway – going slowly is probably preferable to falling off a cliff and dying, right?

And surely you’re supposed to spend a lot of time on the coach on a coach trip? And you check out the views etc that way by looking out of the window – that’s why so many old people go on them in the first place. These two just sound like the stereotypical old moaners who complain about everything.

Anyway, Diamond Tours offered them two £20 gift vouchers as compensation and they turned their noses up at that too unsurprisingly. No pleasing some people eh?

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