This Drunk Couple Got Busted For Performing The Dirtiest Sex Act In A Busy Restaurant

couple sex act police

I just lost my appetite.

I realise that every now and then things can get a little bit frisky when you’re out for dinner with your significant other, and maybe a little bit of feet fiddling can go down under the table.

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But that doesn’t mean that you can straight up just get your head under the tablecloth and start going at it between your girlfriend’s legs while horrified diners look on. Still, the thought of human decency didn’t stop this couple, who decided to do just that at a restaurant in San Pedro Garza Garcia, north east Mexico.

Wow. Seeing them being led out by the police was such a sight. That’s probably the most embarrassing walk of shame I think I’ve ever seen. They might even get a prison sentence for their crude act – imagine trying to explain that to your friends and family.

Still, it looked way more discrete than this filthbag couple.


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