Shocking Video Shows A Couple Doing The Most NSFW Sex Act In A Busy Nightclub


Get a room.

A couple of wrong’uns were caught in a club recently, enjoying a bit of oral sex while on a packed dancefloor. As in the dude was literally on all fours, with his head muzzled between his girlfriend’s thighs.

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A fellow clubber managed to capture the whole thing on camera, as he was stood just a few feet away from the act. Meanwhile, some poor guy was stood next to them trying to buy a drink.

Apparently a bouncer eventually stepped in and stopped the action, but not before everyone had had their fun. Got to leave enough time to take a video, obviously – that shit needs to go online. Sounds like people weren’t too pleased when the show was over. One eyewitness said:

They were just warming up. It is a pity that the cameraman interrupted them and the guard stopped the show.

Lol. In case you were wondering, this incident happened in Russia. For more mental videos from that region, check out the ultimate ‘Meanwhile in Russia’ video.


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