Security Camera Catches Beefy Couple Busting Their Asses On Slippery Steps (VIDEO)

That’s gotta hurt.

I take no pleasure in sharing this video, but it just had to be blogged as a PSA to everyone out there to warn of the danger of wearing slides on a wet surface. 

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This purple-haired lady in the yoga pants having a cigarette before heading off to work found that out the hard way:


I’m thinking the only way this winds up on the internet is if they shared it themselves, so fair play to them for seeing the funny side. Poor lady was in a serious amount of pain there, yelling out like she’d just been shot while sitting there in the damp and probably having spilt her coffee all over herself. 

Her knight in shining armour?

Well not quite shining armour considering he’d completely stripped off for a wank session once he realised he had the house to himself, except she had to completely ruin it by falling down the stairs. Dude couldn’t have ran out there any faster if he tried though – now that’s true love right there. 

To watch a woman nearly fall to her death trying to take a picture of her mum at the Grand Canyon, click HERE.

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