Best New Tumblr Find: Well Dressed Animals

well dressed cat

We all like to make an effort and wear a suit/dress sometimes, right? It seems that animals ain’t that different, either.

well dressed cat

We all like to dress up every now and then. Not dress up, as in the sense of slamming on some bondage gear, or wearing fancy dress for a night out – although that can sometimes be pretty cool if you can hack it – but dressing up in some dapper as fvck suit or a pretty nifty dress (don’t knock it till you’ve tried it, ladz) can actually be decent sometimes. It makes you feel less of a worthless piece of shit, a suit does. A suit has magical powers, even more than Gandalf, and if you can pull it off then wearing a suit earns you extra chirpsing points as girls probably think you’ve got pockets full of £ where, in fact, you’re dole scum and you nicked your suit from Oxfam.

We also all like to waste our time on Tumblr now and then. I’m sure procrastination will become illegal pretty soon; the amount of time we all waste on the web means so much more work could have been done. I’m guilty of it, you’re guilty of it, we’re all guilty. But who cares? Procrastination is cool, especially when you come across Tumblr blogs that’ll waste even more of your day. And this is one of them: Well Dressed Animals.

As I’ve said, we all like to dress up now and again. But it seems that animals are addicted to this shit. I always wondered why my dog liked wearing bandanas and leathers so much – I assumed she was a biker in her past life – but now I understand. Animals like to have a change of dress-code, too, and who can blame them? All that fur must get a bit boring. Here are some photos, but if you wanna check out more photos of animals dressed cool as fvck, click here. Guaranteed chirpsing aid.

cat tie

dog beer

wig dog

cat pink

thong dog


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