Woman Arrested After Having Drunk Sex With Unconscious Boyfriend In Car Park

Her boyfriend was “unconscious and unresponsive” at the time.

A Virginia couple has admitted to getting drunk and having sex in the middle of a shopping centre car park (the boyfriend has conceded guilt too despite the fact he was unconscious while it was happening).

36 year old Kimberley M Jackson explained:

I was in the mood, and that’s basically what happened.

Police received a bunch of calls about the two of them going at it off their faces in the middle of the day, and when police arrived they found Kimberley going rampant while boyfriend Earl Palmer was “unconscious and unresponsive”.

He was taken to hospital for treatment, but was OK.

He said:

I’m here trying to clear her name and let them know I consented to that, I just didn’t finish the job as you could say.

Not too bad a crime then? Just two crazy kids (well, in their 30s) getting drunk and having a wild time in the car park. Guy completely passes out and girlfriend just keeps on going. Then they give the most nonchalant interview of all time about it. Great move by the boyfriend as well putting the reporter on the spot and asking her if she’d ever been spontaneous. Then when asked if they’re ever going to do it again he just goes “I don’t know”. At least he’s being honest eh?

Not quite crazy enough to make it on our rundown of the 9 weirdest places people have been caught having sex though.


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