Couple Gets Caught Going At It While Getting Money Out From HSBC Cashpoint

Sex couple HSBC

Two birds with one stone.

Having sex in public is probably one of the last real taboos out there, but more and more people are engaging in it as videos like the one below seem to be popping up all the time.

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As you can probably guess, it’s pretty NSFW as it involves a couple having sex next to a cashpoint in one of those enclosed parts of the bank. I guess they thought that they would be safe in there – how wrong they were.

The footage from Oaxaca, Mexico has since gone viral after customers were forced to stand outside whilst it went on, as nobody wanted to go in to get money out whilst this was going on. Can’t say I really blame them, can you?

Yeah, what a couple of horndogs eh? There’s some speculation that they might be teachers, as the footage was taken opposite a school that was partaking in a strike that day. I don’t think that really makes sense though, because if they were striking then why the heck would they even be anywhere near the school? Surely you’d be using your strike day to do something useful.

It’s unlikely the identity of these two will ever be found, but what a couple of legends eh? Takes a lot of balls to do something like that.

For more sex in public, check out these two getting it on on a London night bus. Naughty.


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