These Two Got Caught Going Fully At It In A Busy Nightclub (VIDEO)


When you just absolutely have to have sex that very moment.

Sometimes you’re hooking up with someone and you absolutely have to have sex with them right there and then, and that’s usually the cue to find somewhere with a little more privacy than the middle of the club, even if it’s just a dark corner or an alleyway or something.

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Some people really just don’t give a fuck though and that’s illustrated in the video below. Filmed over in Tijuana at the Mexican nightclub called Le Conteiner, a guy in a red baseball cap (Fred Durst?) is hooking up with a girl and slowing moving his hands into her crotch before the two of them go at it with her straddling him right there on the table. They go at it for a few minutes and only stop when a policeman lurches over to interrupt them. Awkward:

Yeah, I suppose that’s one thing that you don’t want to see when you’re hooking up with a beautiful girl – the long arm of the law has no place in a situation like that. Having sex in public is a criminal offence in Mexico so I imagine these guys got sent to jail for the night after that display. Just get a room next time guys.

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