This Couple Got Busted On CCTV Having Sex Inside A Fifty Shades Of Grey Exhibition In A Museum

They end up getting chased out of the museum half naked.

What’s sexier than Fifty Shades Of Grey? Apparently sneaking into a Fifty Shades Of Grey exhibition in the Erotic Heritage Museum and having sex inside it, which is exactly what this Las Vegas couple did. The only trouble is that all of it was filmed on CCTV and they got busted by museum security and chased out of the museum half naked.

It all went down in Las Vegas (of course) a couple of days ago when the pair decided to hide out in the museum until it was closed and then go on a room to room sex tour. Unfortunately their little excursion got cut short before its climax when the security detail alerted the museum staff, who come bumbling along to interrupt the session.

This leads to the couple pacing it out of a side door half naked as they’re interrupted mid coitus. It also makes for a fairly hilarious video (which is probably SFW as everything is blanked out and there’s no actual sex) right from the start and their ridiculous hiding place (behind a wall) to them being chased out of the museum half naked. I guess it was probably worth the thrill of it though, although the embarrassment of having this video all over the Internet might make them reconsider doing anything like this again.

They’re still at large though so maybe they got away with it. The video is available over on TMZ but you can’t embed it so here are a few picture from it on the slideshow instead. You’ll get the idea, although to be honest the whole incident is nothing on the 9 weirdest places that people have been caught having sex.

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