Landlord Asking For £450 For This ‘Cosy Room’ Is Taking The Absolute Piss

Seems legit.

Some guy named Danny Andrews had been searching for accommodation in Glasgow’s West End recently, when he came across this advert on PrideFlatMates.

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He went to check out the ‘small but cosy’ room, going for £450 a month, only to find it was bathroom.


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Danny says:

It’s difficult to find a place to rent within a budget. I went to visit one and when I got there it turned out that the landlord actually had a spare bathroom to rent out.

When I suggested the room wasn’t suitable due to it being a bathroom, he argued that it is no longer a bathroom and even suggested I build a bed in the bath.

The advert itself has been up on PrideFlatmates since November, and describes the bedroom as ‘unconventional’ and ‘needing some TLC’. Euphemism city right there.

It also claims the room would be “perfect for university students or budget conscious professionals”.

We could recommend Danny this spacious flat going for just £1 a month – if he’s OK with the catch, that is.


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