Coroner Rules That Jeremy Kyle May Have Caused Guest’s Suicide; Requires Him To Give Evidence


With everything that’s been going on in 2020, you could be forgiven for not realising that a pre-inquest review into Steven Dymond’s suicide following his failure of a lie detector test on ‘The Jeremy Kyle Show’ was going on today, but this is finally happening after it was delayed several times due to Covid-19.

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The main bombshell coming out of the review is that coroner Jason Pegg has labelled Kyle as an interested person in the inquest, saying the following:

Mr Kyle is a person who may have caused or contributed to the death of Stephen Dymond.

It might seem ludicrous not to have Mr Kyle to give evidence to give his take on the situation.

This is big news because officials and producers at ITV had repeatedly sought to distance themselves from the incident, even though it seems impossible to do so given the proximity of Steven’s appearance on the show to his death. They’ve insisted multiple times that Jeremy doesn’t need to be involved with any inquest as well, but these statements are sounding like they’re going to make him show up and give evidence. Would be a real treat to see the roles reversed and Kyle squirming under the spotlight and getting shouted at for once, even if the circumstances are highly regrettable.

Caoilfhionn Gallagher QC also made a statement, with The Independent reporting the following:

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Dymond had gone on the show to “prove his fidelity”, and that he had said: “I pushed and pushed but it all went wrong.”

After the result was announced during filming, the audience “booed and jeered” at him and he was “called a failure by the presenter” who was “in his face”, Ms Gallagher said.

Dymond sought to leave through a side door but found it locked, Ms Gallagher said, adding: “He couldn’t escape the heckling. He was on his hands and knees because he thought he was going to pass out from the stress.”

Ms Gallagher said his state of mind was known by the crew on the show, with a message sent on a WhatsApp group stating: “Just so you know, he’s still crying, he has just said he wishes he was dead. Just giving you the heads up.”

The hearing was told that Dymond – who had been receiving mental health care from Southern Health NHS Trust – was originally turned down to appear on the show but was accepted as a guest after gaining a letter from his doctor.

I mean they can’t really paint Kyle and the entire team behind the show in worse of a light there with that statement can they? Lawyers from the show are questioning whether Kyle’s presence is really necessary at the inquest, but following these comments it kind of sounds like it will be an inevitability and that he might actually end up going down or facing some kind of punishment for this, which really would be crazy considering everyone just kinda assumed he had got away with it and just had his show cancelled.

No doubt the TIV crew will defend their actions by saying that they originally turned Dymond down for the show and he was so desperate to appear that he went and obtained a doctor’s note to ensure his participation so will argue he knew exactly what he was getting into with it. However, he was banking on his lie detector test coming back false and it’s been well documented that they weren’t even anywhere near 100% accurate, so that will also come into play during this. Be interesting to see where this goes and the enduring effect that it might have on television and reality television as a whole.

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