Coronavirus Nurse ‘Killed Doctor Girlfriend’ After Claiming She Gave Him The Virus


A nurse allegedly strangled his doctor partner to death because he was convinced that she had infected him with coronavirus.

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The pair had both worked at a hospital in Messina, Sicily, and were helping fight the pandemic around Italy where over 13,000 have died thus far.

Antonio De Pace, 28, called police and confessed to murdering medic girlfriend Lorena Quaranta, 27, who was found dead at their flat on Tuesday. He allegedly confessed to prosecutor Maurizio de Lucia: “I killed her because she gave me coronavirus.”

According to Metro, Antonio had also cut his wrists, and was rushed to hospital where Lorena’s colleagues saved his life. Fair play to them but did they really have to?

Bizzarely, tests have been carried out on both Antonio and Lorena and while they’re still ongoing, early indications are that neither had the virus. So I don’t know how this lunatic convinced himself that his girlfriend had it, let alone passed it over to him. And even so – murdering her over it? Not very nurse-like. Obviously this guy was not well in the head and perhaps panic and anxiety over coronavirus, especially in one of the worst-hit countries, pushed him over the edge.

Can’t imagine what’s going to happen to Antonio in jail when his fellow prisoners find out he murdered a doctor who was saving lives during the pandemic, let alone his own girlfriend. Coronavirus will be the least of his problems then.

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