A Coronavirus Denier Is Banning ‘Anyone Wearing A Government Muzzle’ From His Shop



More bizarre anti mask hatred today – even after Coronavirus cases have grown massively over the last week, leading to the government to implement the stupid sounding ‘rule of six’ – and we’re in Chichester for this one, where an angry Coronavirus denier has banned anyone wearing ‘a government muzzle’ from entering his shop.

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57 year old Michael Schneider has clearly displayed his rules in the window of the J.Voke Vintage Tearoom and was more than happy to speak to Metro.co.uk about his stance on the matter. Here’s what he had to say:

I fundamentally believe in my bones that human rights are being taken away.

What’s happening now, where you can’t get more than six people in one place without having the police on you, that violates Article 20 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

I’ve had the police around, I’ve had the council round twice and they all want me to take my poster down and I’m not going to do it because it’s the truth.

When someone walks into my shop, I challenge them and say “How are you?” They go “Very well”. I say, “Then why are you wearing a mask? Take it off”. They go “I don’t know”.

I do accept people wearing a mask if I challenge them and they say it makes them feel safe. If that’s why they’re doing it, I allow them in my shop and I will serve them.

It’s not a complete ban, if it makes you feel better or safer, come in no problem. It’s because they’re doing it of their own volition.

It’s been a very positive reaction. My footfall has trebled since I put the poster in the window. People come in and say “Thank god there’s someone else who believes it’s all nonsense”.

I was happy to open again but everyone is now so scared, they don’t want to shop. They want it all online, they don’t leave their houses. It’s an abomination.

More people die on road traffic accidents than they do with Covid-19. What is the justification to bring the whole economy to its knees?

Wow. Really sounds like he isn’t happy with the current situation doesn’t it?

Not really sure about his stance though as it sounds like be believes Coronavirus exists, just that it’s not actually as dangerous as the government are making it out to be. That seems kinda stupid given how pretty much every government on the planet is taking it seriously as a threat and still around a million people have died from it.

Can’t see peddling government conspiracy theories like this is going to do any good, but I suppose that’s just what gets some people going hey. Just shut up and wear a mask and hopefully it’ll be over way sooner than if you don’t. It can’t hurt can it?

For more of the same, check out the most insane anti-masked meltdown yet over in Alaska. Really is something else.



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