Cops Sue Afroman For ‘Emotional Distress’ After He Made Music Video Of Botched Raid

The best music video of 2023 thus far.

Earlier this year, Afroman released arguably the best music video of 2023 by using footage of police raiding his house to accompany track ‘Will You Help Me Repair My Door’.

Here’s a reminder:

For context, the Adams County Sheriff’s Office raided the rapper’s Ohio home back in August on suspicion of drug trafficking and kidnapping. They ended up seizing Afroman’s weed and $5,000 in cash, but ultimately, no charges were filed. The money was returned to him in November, minus $400, which sounds a bit like robbery and one of the many reasons Afroman feels so aggrieved about the whole thing, not to mention they broke his door and left his house looking like a tip.

So instead of sitting around getting stoned and feeling depressed about it, Afroman decided to make a hilarious music video about the incident, using footage from the raid itself. Well the officers involved in the raid are now suing the Because I Got High hitmaker for ’emotional distress’, claiming he used their image and likeness as a “malicious” act that tarnished their reputation and humiliated them.

Afroman Responds to Cops Suing Him Over Footage of Botched Home Raid –  Rolling Stone

As per VICE, seven officers are suing Afroman for unauthorised use of individual’s persona, invasion of privacy by misappropriation and invasion of privacy by false light publicity, among other things. The complaint states the cops “suffered humiliation, ridicule, mental distress, embarrassment, and loss of reputation.” Poor things!

The officers are requesting a trial by jury, so they better hope the jury doesn’t have a sense of humour because I think once they learn the whole story and are made to watch the music video in court, they’ll be backing Afroman 100%. I mean yeah, OK, Afroman did use their images for commercial gain without their consent, but this also seems like a big waste of time, especially given they raided the guy’s house and completely disrespected his property.

Afroman posted about the lawsuit on Instagram, saying that the search itself was based on a “false warrant”:

My video footage is my property, he said. “I am a law-abiding taxpaying citizens who was violated by criminals camouflaged by law-enforcement.

We are waiting for public records requests from Adams County we still have not received. We are planning to counter sue for the unlawful raid, money being stolen, and for the undeniable damage this had on my client’s family, career and property.

Team Afroman all the way on this one. Will be interesting to see how it plays out…

For the police force that claims rats ate 200kg of cannabis that mysteriously disappeared from their station, click HERE. Nothing dodgy going on there, then.


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