This Mashup Of Cookie Monster Rapping Busta Rhyme’s Gimme Some More Is The Best Thing You’ll See Today

Cookie Monster Raps Busta Rhymes

Cookie Monster is a true G.

A couple of months back somebody made a video of Earl the Dinosaur rapping Notorious B.I.G.’s Hypnotise, and given the success of that it seemed inevitable that the Internet would be flooded with more classic children’s characters spitting out rhymes.

Surprisingly this hasn’t been the case though and this is the first such mashup we’ve come across since the original. It’s Cookie Monster from Sesame Street rapping Busta Rhymes’ classic track Gimme Some More and it’s pretty much as good as it sounds, especially when he’s noshing down on a cookie during the Gimme Some More part of the chorus.

I always knew Cookie Monster was a straight up gangster.

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