Convicted Sex Offender Found Guilty After Stealing School Bus And Trying To Pick Up Kids

Desperate lengths.

Over in Castle Dale, Utah, a 31 year old convicted sex offender named Patrick James Fredericksen has returned to prison after he admitted that he had stolen a school bus in an attempt to lure children onto it and kidnap them.

Amazingly, thanks to a plea bargain, he’s only going to be serving between one and fifteen years. That’s the law for you over there though I guess. Fredericksen pleaded no contest to attempted child kidnapping, reduced to a second-degree felony, as well as three counts of theft, including two second-degree felonies and one third-degree felony. As he entered such a plea, the prosecuting lawyers recommended he served concurrent sentences for his crimes, and as such he could be out within one year, although something like seven will probably be more likely.

This is particularly sickening considering the lengths he was going to in order to abuse children, although he wasn’t successful. Fredricksen admitted to stealing a school bus and driving it slowly around the streets of Emery County looking for kids. When he was arrested on the bus, police also found a list of names and directions for students who rode the bus. They also said he tried to pick up one student and asked for the route to another’s home.

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Patrick James Fredericksen

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In addition to this, on the same day Fredricksen was also accused of acting oddly in his role as landscaper and walking away with a set of master keys, and also acting suspiciously near a funeral home before the car of an employee was stolen. No charges were brought on either of those incidents though – it’s thought that Fredricksen may have been under the influence of a controlled substance during this entire day though.

Previously to this, Fredricksen had been convicted of unlawful sexual activity with a minor, impersonating a police officer, forgery, theft, possession of an altered prescription, and criminal mischief, receiving parole in 2013.

Not sure how long he was in for, but again it seems like a remarkably short sentence for the seriousness of his crimes. Clearly he isn’t going to change so I would lock him up for the maximum fifteen years this time unless he shows some true evidence of changing for the better. I can’t really see it happening though.

To be honest, I wouldn’t be upset if what happened to this child sex offender in Brazil happened to this guy.


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