Convicted Paedophile Gary Glitter Has Already Received His COVID-19 Vaccine


In news that is probably going to piss off most of the population, The Sun has revealed that disgraced former pop star and paedophile Gary Glitter has already received his COVID-19 vaccination before the majority of the country.

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The fact that Glitter is 76 years old and thus in a vulnerable age group is the reason that he’s received his jab before a lot of people and his conviction has no bearing on this; however there’s obviously a major debate on the internet about whether or not this is a legitimate way to be distributing it around this country. One of these people is David Spencer, the Director of the Centre For Crime Prevention, who said the following:

There are plenty of key workers and vulnerable people still to receive their jab.

It is wrong to single out criminals ahead of them. This decision needs an urgent rethink.

Guy has a point, although the Chief Crown Prosecutor who was responsible for putting Gary Glitter away has revealed another aspect to the debate:

Yeah, he definitely has point and I can understand why people are outraged, but the fact is that unless you believe in the death penalty then it makes sense for everyone that Glitter is vaccinated, mainly because he’s a transmission risk and putting everyone else in the prison at risk if he isn’t. Yes, there is the argument that he doesn’t deserve a vaccine before a lot of the population because of his crimes, but I think Nazir’s points make more sense in this situation. Sure some people will disagree but that’s ok.

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