You Can Now Spend A Night At 9,000ft Above The Alps In A Converted Cable Car

Who would you nominated to spend a night up there?

Everybody knows that AirBNB is the best way to get a decent affordable place to stay when you go anywhere in the world, but they’ve got even better by offering you the chance to stay in this incredible converted cable car 9000 feet above the ground, although we’re not sure if it includes the 7 luxury items every apartment needs or not.

It’s located in the ski resort of Courchevel and will be available on the night of March 6th. Not only will you get the chance to spend a night in it – which looks awesome, although it’s listed as not having any bathrooms which is slightly worrying as surely you’ll have to pee at some point? – but you’ll also be treated to some of the best food and wine the resort has to offer and be the first people to carve into the snow on your skis the morning after. The cable car parks at the highest point of Courchevel, and you’ll be sleeping above the clouds at 9000 feet which sounds like a truly magical experience.

All you have to do to enter is visit this link and tell AirBNB before February 27th in 100 words why you and your pals (there’s room for 4 in the cable car) or your family deserve to be the ones to stay up there. Easy.

Check out some pictures of the inside and outside of it on the slideshow below:

Night At 900 Feet In The Air 1

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