Timothy Hutton and making fun of the decline of Tibetan culture can only add up to trouble…….

Groupon.com – one of the hottest new internet startup companies that offers readers discount vouchers in the city of their choice – has been highly criticised for their ad that aired during the Superbowl this year. For anyone who doesn’t know, ad space during the Superbowl is the most premium space available due to the viewership of the event, and as such advertisers really try and go all out with them. The ads are often anticipated by the general public as much as the actual game!

It seems that Groupon really dropped the ball with this one though with an ad that knowingly makes fun of the decline of Tibetan culture and also features washed up actor Timothy Hutton who hasn’t really been involved in a good movie since um, maybe Secret Window (pushing it) and apparently now stars in a TV show called Leverage that I have never heard of. Check it out below:


Look out for a post where I discuss my favourite Superbowl ads from this year later in the week.


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