These Contact Lenses Take Us One Step Closer To Making ‘Black Mirror’ A Reality


Soon we’ll be wearing our smartphones in our heads.

If you thought we were living in the future with our smartphones, just wait until you see these new Sony contact lenses. Similarly to the electronic lenses depicted in a couple of ‘Black Mirror’ episodes, these wearable devices can actually record and play video. I can’t tell if this is incredible or utterly terrifying. Maybe a bit of both.

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Sony is currently working on the technology after a patent was filed by a Japanese tech company. The patent states that the lens will be able to record video and capture images activated by a blink of the eye. So the unit will include an image capture device, main control unit, storage module, antenna and piezoelectric sensor.

The sensor is what will be able to tell the difference between a normal blink and a taking-photo blink. The latter will involve blinking slightly longer than usual and the lens will even be able to zoom and autofocus.


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Obviously no batteries will be included, so the power will have to be transmitted wirelessly. This could potentially be through radio waves, electromagnetic induction or electromagnetic field resonance. This all sounds very technologically complex, although the company is working on it, so it’s a very real possibility that these lenses will be out in the not-too-distant future.

As said, I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not. Our every move is already monitored by our phones, laptops and tablets. Do we really want to be wearing our devices in our heads? We’ve all seen ‘Black Mirror’ – it’s a pretty worrying thought. Still, that’s the way that technology is going and there’s not much we can do about it.

Having said that, it looks like some companies are trying to take us back in time with regards to technology. I’m talking about you, Apple.


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