Construction Workers Make Sinister Discovery In Rapist Josef Fritzl’s Guesthouse

Josef Fritzl

Truly disturbing.

Serial rapist Josef Fritzl made the headlines in 2008 after it was discovered that he had been keeping his daughter Elisabeth imprisoned in a cellar. Fritzl sexually assaulted her thousands of times over a 24 year period and even had seven children with her.

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Elisabeth was forced to give birth in the cellar without any medical assistance and three of them were sent to live in the upstairs area of the house and lived “normal” lives with him and his unsuspecting wife, Rosemarie. Fritzl, who is currently being held in a special facility for ‘mentally abnormal criminals’ at Austria’s Stein prison, told her that their daughter had run away to join a religious sect and had simply dumped the children on their doorstep to look after. The other four children sadly were kept downstairs, leading to the death of one child due to breathing problems.

Fritzl basement

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It was a crime that shook the world and even to this day it stands out as an unusually disturbing case of incest and sexual assault. Up until now we thought that the story ended there, but recently a group of builders discovered a purposely concealed basement in Fritzl’s guesthouse in Salzburg, Austria.

The workers found a staircase behind a wall whilst measuring the building as part of a routine inspection. Apparently Fritzl and his wife ran the guesthouse together before they moved to Amstetten in 1996, where he went on to keep his daughter as his personal sex slave.


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Although the house where the crimes took place was converted into a block of flats and the basement was filled with cement, it looks like he could have been up to no good in his guesthouse too. It’s unclear whether police will investigate the building, but it seems like they should. After all, this is seriously sadistic man who committed a whole host of disturbing crimes for nearly 25 years – who knows what he was up to with this other basement. It all seems very suspicious when you consider all of the facts. We’ll keep you posted as and when more information comes in.

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