Conspiracy Theorists Are Claiming That Kim Jong-Un’s Appearance Was A Body Double

All might not be what it seems.

I reckon most people were pretty happy when we saw that Kim Jong-Un was alive and well following rumours of his death as he appeared at the opening of a fertiliser factory in North Korea.

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However, of course there were those people that weren’t convinced that who we were seeing was actually Kim and that this was in fact a body double. And in fairness to them, they had a bunch of comparison pics of the two of them to try and prove it.

Here are a bunch of the ‘best’ reasons that it wasn’t Kim Jong-Un opening that fertiliser factory and that he’s actually dead. See which one you think is the most likely to be real:

I mean you kinda gotta look at that and say that maybe there’s something in it? Maybe?

Ultimately though I suppose it doesn’t really matter if it’s the real Kim Jong-Un or an imposter/body double because whatever is going on North Korea is still going to be completely weird and at odds with the rest of the world. Guess delving into conspiracy theories gives us something to do for a few minutes at the moment though doesn’t it?

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