Kim Jong-Un’s Evil Sister Could Become New Ruler Of North Korea And People Are Terrified

If you thought Kim Jong-un was bad, meet Kim Yo-jong.

As one of the only remaining Kim family members that hasn’t been executed by her brother, Kim Yo-jong could be set to take over as ruler of North Korea if it turns out that Kim Jong-un really has kicked the bucket.

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The good news is that she can’t be any worse than her big brother, right? Wrong. Yo-jong is complicit in the deaths of over 10 million people in North Korea as well as the unjust imprisonment of millions more while running the corrupt regime’s department of propaganda. So yeah, like her brother, she’d make a ruthless, oppressive dictator and that spells trouble for not only North Koreans but possibly the rest of the world as well.

There is another option too, according to the BBC – older brother Kim Jong-chul, although apparently he has no interest in politics or really anything else other than the music of Eric Clapton (seriously). The rest of her siblings are either dead or too young. Here they are alongside Yo-jong in the family tree:

Little else is known about Kim Yo-jong, despite the fact she’s been fully thrust into the spotlight since rumours of her big bro’s death began. People aren’t even sure how old she is but I’d say early 30s going off the pics. In 2017 the US treasury department blacklisted her for “severe human rights abuses”.

You may also remember her popping up in the background like a really bad hide and seek player when Trump met Kim Jong-un:

The funniest part is that if she did become new supreme leader of North Korea, the country would probably start rubbing it in America’s face that they had a female leader before the US did. How progressive. Never mind the fact that she’s basically a real-life Bond villain and wouldn’t even need to win an election to take over the country.

I guess you can call that a smile? Thoughts and prayers with the people of North Korea, not so much with Kim Jong-un, whose demise seems more like a reality with each passing day we do not hear from him.

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