Conspiracy Theorists Believe Video Shows Jeffrey Epstein Alive And Well Living In New Mexico

Surely not?

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything substantial about Ghislaine Maxwell during her time in custody before her sex trafficking case heads to court, but a new video suggests that her partner in crime Jeffrey Epstein might be back from the dead and living in the New Mexico desert.

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The clip comes courtesy of a bunch of internet sleuths/conspiracy theorists who have apparently been down there staking out Esptein’s Zorro Ranch – where a number of accusers say they were raped and trafficked – and reckon that a man recently caught on camera driving a red truck could be the disgraced financier himself. They obviously allude to the mystery and controversy surrounding Epstein’s alleged suicide and also point to the fact that a CEO of a charter jet company named Paul Alexander was arrested and charged with sex trafficking in The Bronx last week (?) as further evidence that this man could be Epstein.

Take a look at the video yourself below and see what you think:

Jeffrey Epstein may have not killed himself and may be still be alive. We visited the Zorro Ranch recently and saw some interesting things. Take a look at the video and see if Jeffrey Epstein is in fact alive and well.

Yeah, I’m not really sure if I’m buying that one. The guy does look a bit like Epstein sure, but I don’t really think he would be stopping there in his truck and taking photos of everyone filming him if it actually was the guy, do you? Would clearly be holed up inside his ranch where nobody could ever see him surely?

To be honest it would be pretty surprising if he was even staying at one of his own properties as that would only make him more likely to be found right? Really don’t think it’s him but these guys can believe it if they want I suppose.

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