The Conservatives Used A Black Man In Their Father’s Day Message And People Weren’t Happy

It’s not representative.

The conversation around Black Lives Matter has been amplified in the last couple of weeks since the death of George Floyd and whilst most people seem to understand the movement and why it’s necessary in this moment, there are clearly those out there that aren’t happy about it.

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This was clearly seen on Twitter yesterday, after a bunch of people voiced their opinions on the fact that the Conservative party had chosen to use a picture of a black man and his son in their graphic celebrating Father’s Day. People were NOT happy about it at all:

Geez. It’s so crazy to me that a picture like that can trigger people so much and cause so much hate and upset, but I guess sadly that for all the the progress the BLM movement might be making, there are always going to be people like that in the comments that refuse to listen and understand the situation. Can’t believe that it can upset people who *aren’t* racist that much, but there you go. Seems like we’ve got a long way to go.

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