Conor McGregor’s Pre Match Whatsapp Message Predicted Exactly What Would Happen In The Fight

Conor McGregor Whatsapp

Mystic Conor.

The world is still recovering from the absolute battle between Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz on Saturday night and more and more information is coming out now about the fight.

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One particularly interesting piece of info comes from Conor’s trainer John Kavanagh who revealed that on the day of the fight he and Conor traded Whatsapp messages where both of them predicted what was going to go down that night and what moves Nate Diaz was going to try and pull. He also claims that Diaz tried them all, which was why Conor was able to defend the majority of them so effectively:

Conor McGregor Nate Diaz

I was really upset by that [successful Diaz take-down in Round 5] because I was expecting it, as he did a very similar one of Josh Thompson. We had a counter to it but it didn’t exactly pull off.

Technically, over 25 minutes, it was a real joy for me, and Conor. All the shots… I have a WhatsApp message from Conor, a kind of an essay, on the day of the fight. I kind of sent him what was going to happen and he sent back what was going to happen.

It’s funny, looking over it, every shot that we spoke about happened. Every sequence that we drilled happened…

We formulated a very strong game-plan, a very detailed game-plan and, technique by technique, move by move, it played out as we drilled endlessly in the gym. It’s really, really gratifying to have so much hard work rewarded.

Yeah, I mean it’s all very well saying all this but it might be a bit better if we could actually see the Whatsapp messages wouldn’t it? I suppose the proof of the pudding is in the eating though and Conor clearly had a game plan in the fight for how he wanted to work Diaz, and it ultimately paid off. Roll on round three, although it’s looking like it won’t be happening any time soon.


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