Conor McGregor Went At Eddie Alvarez With A Chair At The UFC 205 Press Conference



Usually the UFC hype train goes into overdrive the week before a big fight  – and especially the week before a Conor McGregor fight – but it’s been kind of overshadowed this week due to the American election.

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Conor wasn’t going to stand being left in the shade by Trump though and went all out for the UFC 205 press conference yesterday night, starting by turning up late in a Gucci mink coat and then threatening to attack Eddie Alvarez with a chair. Classic Conor McGregor really (first video is just Conor McGregor highlights, second one is the full half hour press conference if you want to watch that):

Man I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so hyped up and confident – it’s kind of like he turned up late because he was huffing a gram of gak in the backstage area. It’s the Mac Life baby.

Eddie Alvarez on the other hand is just getting more and more pissed off every single minute and just comes across like a little baby to be honest. I bet he can’t wait to get in the ring and try and smash Conor up on Saturday night. I think he might be able to get him as well. We’ll just have to wait and see though, if we can stay up until 5am that is.

If you need to get more pumped up for the fight tomorrow, check out this epic fan made trailer. It’s gonna be a good one.


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