Watch Conor McGregor Completely Rinse Eddie Alvarez At The UFC 205 Press Conference


Picking up where he left off.

With the announcement of McGregor and Alvarez at the historic UFC 205 – the first UFC event to be held in New York, following a ten year battle to legalise the sport in the state – the stage is set for a fight night of truly epic proportions.

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As is usually the case with these UFC supercards you can expect a tonne of hype and trash talking in the run up to the main event and it all kicked off last night with the first press conference for it. As usual, Conor McGregor was the star of the show as he burned Eddie Alvarez hard and here are the highlights from it. Make sure you watch it to the end for an absolute zinger from Conor:

Yeah that was a good way to end it, although that guy in the crowd helped pretty well didn’t he? Maybe he was a plant. Eddie Alvarez performed better than some of McGregor’s opponents in the press conference though, seemingly sticking to his line about Conor being the biggest payday and easiest opponent in the division which is a bit of a diss in itself. When you’re being shouted down by Conor McGregor though, it’s kind of hard to come off it looking good.

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