Conor McGregor Has ‘Retired’ From MMA Again And Nobody Believes Him

Do you believe this?

When it comes to Conor McGregor retiring, nobody believes anything he says because he’s already done this a couple of times in order to leverage himself into the fights that he wants, so it’s no surprise that his latest escapades have had exactly the same reaction.

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The fiasco started via Conor’s Twitter account where he decided to reveal the news, even going so far as to tweet a picture of a retirement cake:

Obviously though, nobody is going to believe him about all this and the comments and replies confirmed this:

Yeah I think that last tweet is probably spot on the money. Not really sure who Conor is angling to fight and why he needs to approach booking that fight via this method, but I guess it’s worked for him in the past so why change the habit of a lifetime? Expect to see him in the octagon before the end of the year.

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