Conor McGregor Reckons He Could Beat Floyd Mayweather In A Rematch

Floyd Mayweather Jr. v Conor McGregor

Heard it all before pal.

Conor McGregor by no means embarrassed himself during his super fight with Floyd Mayweather just over a month ago, but he was certainly outclassed and soundly defeated in somewhat of a foregone conclusion.

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However, Conor doesn’t see it that way. Of course he doesn’t. Speaking at a recent ‘Evening With Conor McGregor’ in Glasgow, Conor announced that he thought a rematch between the two wasn’t out of question given how quickly Floyd blows through money, and that if this was the case then he would clean his clock next time.

I mean I suppose that almost happened after Nate Diaz beat him in the rematch, but is anyone else really believing that after the first fight? No, I didn’t think so.

The whole event was live tweeted by journalist Peter Carroll, and some other interesting information was teased as well, like who was going to be Conor’s next opponent in the octagon and whether or not he felt like it was worth him fighting George St Pierre:

I suppose none of that is really that surprising, although it kinda sucks that the Nate Diaz trilogy probably won’t  be completed at the end of the year like we all hoped. Still, it probably won’t be too long until we see that match up, and what a fight it promises to be.

If you need any reminding of just how great their second fight was, click here. One of the all time classics.


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