Conor McGregor Pulled From UFC 200 After Tweeting That He’s ‘Retiring Young’

Conor mcgregor

Wait, what?

Conor McGregor has confused the world by tweeting that he has decided to, ‘retire young’. Since the tweet was posted last night, people have been speculating whether he is just trolling us or if he is for real:

But now it looks like there might be some truth in what he said, as he has been withdrawn from the UFC 200 main even in July and he will no longer be fighting Nate Diaz. UFC president Dana White has not confirmed whether McGregor is retiring or not, and simply said that he was pulled for refusing to fly to Las Vegas for a press conference.

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And his coach, John Kavanagh, also added fuel to the fire by tweeting:

Quit rightly people are pretty shocked and confused. It was only a couple of days ago that he posted pictures of himself training in Iceland for his rematch with Diaz. Surely this is all just a bit of a jape?

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Well, jape or no jape, Diaz had to get involved and he jumped at the chance to rip his opponent:

Could this whole thing be to do with his ultimate defeat by Diaz last month? Has he been so tarnished that he’s decided to just throw the towel in and live the easy life? Or is it really just because he skipped a press conference and has just been banned from this particular event? Only time will tell – guess we’ll just have to keep an eye on his Twitter activity in the next few days.


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