Conor McGregor Pictured Passed Out In Car After Attending Drake’s Listening Party

Party hard.

Conor McGregor is pretty much living on one leg now after he gruesomely broke his ankle back at UFC 264 in a freak accident during his fight with Dustin Poirier, but that hasn’t stopped him from heading out partying all the time.

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Conor attended Drake’s new album listening party at Delilah in Los Angeles and he was pictured looking a little worse for wear in his car at the end of his night on his way home. The guy looks as though he partied too hard and passed out, but his people have denied it and released the following statement:

Conor was with his managers and left the club early due to his leg and was really feeling some major discomfort. This wasn’t alcohol induced.

You think? Even if it was I’m not really sure why anyone would care because it’s not like he’s looking completely and utterly legless or doing anything embarrassing is it? Guy just wanted to take a nap on his way home. We’ve all done it and it’s nothing to be ashamed of or anything so it’s kinda weird that everyone’s making a big deal about it. Give the guy a break.

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