Conor McGregor’s In Hot Water After Posting These Photos Of His Insane Three Day Bender

Conor McGregor

In true notorious style.

Conor McGregor AKA The Notorious is not afraid to spend his time in between fights partying. Just check out this video of him allegedly snorting coke and cheating on his girlfriend at a house party if you don’t believe me.

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This is why it’s no surprise that Conor went on a three day bender around Merseyside for the Grand National last weekend. If his pictures are anything to go by, he partied it up in true Notorious fashion:

Although it might have been all cash, private jets and dumb sunglasses, for the first time ever, Conor might actually face legal action for his partying after he posted a picture of himself standing on the bonnet of a rented £240,000 Rolls Royce.

Platinum Executive Travel said:

He is stood on the car acting like it is his own. It is not his own.

Aleem Iqbal, whose dad Saleem runs the rental company, said:

When you own one Conor you can stand on it like Floyd until then you can lose your deposit for standing on mine.

The company is now investigating the driver who was hired with the car and Conor could potentially face a fine or legal action.

One thing that is for sure is that Conor has been banned from ever using the rental company again. Not that he cares – he gets customised Rolls Royces handed to him for free.


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