Conor McGregor Was Given A Customised Rolls Royce And It Looks Tacky As Hell


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The hype is rolling in (sorry) for UFC 205 this Saturday night, where Conor McGregor seeks to be the first ever dual champion within the organisation by taking on current light heavyweight champion Eddie Alvarez.

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In the run up to the event there’s obviously a shit load of promotional appearances from both men, but everybody only really cares what Conor McGregor is up to because he’s way more entertaining and funny than Alvarez. It kind of backfired though with his current Rolls Royce endorsement as the company has given him a car that looks really tacky and lame and not really something the Notorious should be seen driving in, even if he’s getting it for free.

Ok to be fair it looks pretty good from the front:

But from the side it kind of looks more like a bus advertising some really shitty event with an awful banner going across it. It’s not even really that good a photograph of McGregor on it either because he just looks like a mental case, and also really skinny because it’s from when he was fighting at a different weight class:


Yeah I mean, that Rolls Royce would look so much better without that on surely? Just give it a personalised number plate like MAC 1 or something so everyone knows it’s Conor McGregor. No need to advertise it like that really is there? Not into it.

If you want to get super pumped for the fight on Saturday then check out this fan made trailer for it – even better than the real thing.


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