Conor McGregor Was Hit By A Car Whilst Riding His Bicycle


Conor McGregor was recently accused of assaulting a 42 year old woman on his private yacht, but this morning he was in trouble of a different kind after getting hit by a car whilst he was riding a bicycle – an accident that he claimed could have left him dead if it had gone the other way.

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Conor uploaded footage of the aftermath of the incident to his Instagram account, saying the following:

Fair play to the way Conor handled all that as it would have been very easy for him to come out and just batter the guy for running him over. He doesn’t have the best of reputations traditionally so this helps us to see the guy in a different light.

I gotta say the strangest part of all this is that Conor McGregor just rides his bicycle around the back streets of Ireland still? Guy is a billionaire and still doing stuff like that. What a man of the people.

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