Conor McGregor Explains Why He’ll Smash The Shit Out Of Nate Diaz

Conor McGregor Nate Diaz

Talking the talk.

Despite the fact that all eyes seem to be on some stupid boxing match between him and Floyd Mayweather, Conor McGregor is still talking about a rematch with Nate Diaz to avenge his loss against him from earlier in the year.

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Ever since that defeat, McGregor has been obsessed with sorting out the rematch and proving that it was just a fluke and that he is in fact a better fighter than Nate Diaz. Many within the fight community apparently think that the result will be the same, but Conor is intent on avenging the loss and as the biggest name in UFC he’s probably going to get his way and get that fight booked eventually, even after the debacle of UFC 200.

Here’s why Conor reckons he’ll smash Nate:

Working with nutritionist George Lockhart year-round will ensure that I never runs out of gas in the cage again.

Look at me right now. Fish, red cabbage, asparagus — I’m nowhere near a fight, and I’m on the clock with nutrition.

The first eight minutes of the fight was easy. Let’s be honest, I slapped the head off him.

Once the gas tank went, that was it. I drowned.

He landed that one punch that rang the bell and went, ‘[Gasp,] I’m back!’ He was close to being done.

One or two more shots and he would have been wrapped up.

McGregor Diaz

I deviated too much from my typical fight week ritual without a taxing weight cut to worry about.

Swinging on gymnastic rings on fight week isn’t the best thing.

Usually, I wrap myself in bubble wrap and only do fight-specific things, but just because of that weight, no weight cut, I had put it in my head that, ‘I’m free.’

I had energy to burn. I was doing so much bounce footwork, the balls of my feet were burned to a crisp.

Looking back, it was ridiculous. I don’t know what I was thinking.

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So basically Conor has some pretty good excuses as to why he lost that match and is looking at changing things up this time so he’ll be able to win. Just gotta hope he has, otherwise those excuses aren’t going to look so good when he’s tapping out again.

That’s if this ever happens of course as well, as we’ve still somehow got the possibility of his fight with Mayweather happening first too. That will be a joke, but I guess it’s a bigger payday so that might happen sooner.

Did you see the poster Mayweather made to promote it though? Embarrassing.


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