Watch Conor McGregor Completely Batter Conan O’ Brien On UFC 2

Ginger on ginger brutality.

As you saw with the gameplay footage we shared earlier, UFC 2 is shaping up to be the ultimate MMA gaming experience and I for one will be jamming the hell out of it when it drops next week.

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To help whet your appetite a bit more, here’s Conor McGregor and Conan O’ Brien going one-on-one, with Conan fighting as a ridiculous created character version of himself:

Honestly all that did was want to make me see these two fight it out in real life. I’d definitely pay to watch 6’4” Conan stumble around the octagon while McGregor kicks the shit out of him. It would probably only last about 12 seconds but would still be fun to watch.

Just like this awesome compilation of 20 rare submission moves used in actual MMA fights.


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