Watch These 20 Rare Submission Moves Used In Actual MMA Fights

Everyone knows what an armbar is, but check out some of these crazy moves.

Even people who only have a passing interest in MMA (re: when Conor McGregor is fighting) will know what an armbar or a choke hold are because they’re so common in the sport. And probably kinda in life too.

However, there are obviously a whole bunch of other submission moves that you can use to force your opponent to tap out, it’s just very rare that some of them ever get whipped out. That’s what makes this compilation video so good – it’s full of the kind of moves that you never ever see in the octagon, like the banana split and the Japanese necktie.

And man, do they look painful.

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Ouch. Not surprised all those guys had to tap. Or get their arms broken like the guy who got put in the hammerlock. Absolutely brutal, especially the other guy just giving him the finger afterwards whilst he lay there on the floor with a broken arm. Motherfucker.

For more of the same, check out this dude pull out the sickest submission move of all time in a real life fight.


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