This Complete Loser Is Appealing To The Internet To Help Him Find A Girl He Met For Ten Minutes On Holiday


Give it up dude.

We’ve all been invovled with those wistful holiday romances that you look back on with a mixture of fondness and regret, but the truth is that the only reason you liked them so much was because it only went on for a week or so so you never ended up fighting/resenting/hating each other.

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Of course, there are always those people that want to try and make the holiday romance work and fair play to them – sometimes maybe it’s worth a shot. However, the guy in this story definitely has no right to try and track down the girl he met on holiday, because he literally only met her for ten minutes and didn’t even snog her.

His name is Gary and he’s a 42 year old guy from Nottingham who recently went on holiday with six of his mates to Albufeira, Portugal, last week. Here’s what went down according to him:

Love-struck Gary Guest, 42, from Nottingham, tries to find a woman he only knows as Marie who is from the North East, after he was smitten after meeting her in bar in Albufeira

It sounds like a soppy love film storyline but all I’ve thought about is her since I’ve got back.

She was strikingly beautiful and I was dumb-struck. I didn’t ask for her number but I can’t stop thinking about her.

The waitress came back with the drink and I took it across to her and said ‘that is for a beautiful princess’.

I was love-struck dumb and didn’t say anything else and went to sit back down. ‘I kept looking across at her and about five minutes later she came across and said thank you for the drink and gave me a peck on the cheek.

We asked her where she was from and she said the North East, I said ‘you can be my Vicky Pattison’ and she said ‘I CAN be your Vicky Pattison’.

We asked her name and she said it was Marie before she sat back down.

About 10 minutes later the women got up from their table and left and I got up and kissed her on the cheek. She walked out and, like a fool, I let her go.

I mean seriously? The girl spoke to this guy for what, all of thirty seconds and he thinks he’s in love so he has to start a campaign to try and track her down? Give me a break man – the real world doesn’t work like that. Just log onto Tinder, match every girl and whilst you’re waiting for someone to reply get PornHub up on your laptop and crack one off. You’ll be over it in no time pal – no need for this frankly embarrassing national campaign to try and find her. Just give it up pal.

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