A Competitive Tickling Documentary Could Be The Most Controversial Movie Of 2016

Endurance Tickling

This is messed up.

New Zealand pop culture journalist David Farrier stumbled across the world of competitive tickling a couple of years ago and was so fascinated by what he saw he decided to make a documentary about it alongside fellow director Dylan Reeve.

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The result is ‘Tickled’ and it might be the most controversial movie of the year. Farrier discovered that the Los Angeles-based company Jane O’Brien Media was recruiting young, physically attractive males to be tied down and tickled by other physically attractive males. The organisers insist that it’s an ‘endurance sport’ but the filmmakers believe that it’s part of some weird fetish subculture and things quickly get out of hand, as you can see in the trailer:

Following the release of the film, some of the people working for Jane O’Brien Media showed up at a screening in Los Angeles and attacked the two filmmakers. Although no-one was hurt, they’re also pursuing legal action against them for what they’ve said in this movie. Who would have thought that competitive tickling could have been so serious and messed up? Or that it was even a thing in the first place?

Either way this looks like a must see documentary. Unfortunately there’s no release date for the UK yet but it wasn’t very hard to find when I just looked for it on the internet. Whack it on the list along with the top 5 documentaries to watch when you’re stoned.


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