A Company Wants To Pay You $1000 To Live Tweet A 24 Hour Scary Movie Marathon

Have you got what it takes?

I absolutely love horror movies and there are a load of people out there who feel exactly the same way as me, so I feel like the opportunity to binge watch a bunch of them for 24 hours and get paid for the experience is something that there’s going to be a lot of competition for.

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The idea comes courtesy of and – here’s the blurb:

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The sick-cessful candidate is a self-starter with an insatiable lust for nightmare fuel. When others say ‘Nope,’ you say, ‘Hell, yeah’. You can stay up all night. You’re a US citizen over the age of 18.

Most importantly, you’re a big horror fan—‘cause we don’t hire posers (not even as interns). You should prefer cult films to blockbusters and probably read Rue Morgue and to learn about upcoming fright films.

If you answered ‘yes’ to those questions and meet our qualifications — you’re the one we stalk.

Stalk? Major bummer that it’s only open to US citizens, but hopefully if there’s a load of applicants and it’s successful someone over here will do a similar scheme. Or we could just stay up and do it ourselves and not get paid for it. Sounds kinda good to be honest in the current climate.

For more of the same, check out these ten horror movies on Netflix that are so scary that people can’t watch them through to the end. Probably a good place to start.


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